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The Trace Exchange

Trace Exchange Diversifies

April 10, 2020

Over the past few weeks, Trace has added several new products to our online exchange, including tinctures, pre-rolls, balms, CBD coconut oil and shea cream from quality Vermont farms, including Border Brook Farm, Off-Piste Farm, Bravo Botanicals, Petrichor Farm, and more. Our team of hemp experts spent the summer scouring the country to find the best hemp flower and hemp products around. Our exchange web store brings it all into one place so you can get anything you need.

We at Trace understand the hardships hemp cultivators, retailers and consumers are facing in these uncertain times. We want you to know that the Trace Exchange is here to help you buy or sell product. Visit, to shop our inventory and contact Trace’s sales manager, Trevor Schell, at if you are interested in listing your product on our exchange. Times are tough, but we are dedicated to supporting your product sales and supplying you with products you trust!