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What is Trace?What problem is it solving?

Trace is a Vermont-based blockchain-enabled soil-to-shelf tracking solution for the entire hemp industry. Trace’s mobile app is used to declare lots, submit & receive test results, transfer lots to extractors and distributors, and move product from soil to shelf in the state’s supply chain. Trace was specifically designed and tested by participants in the hemp supply chain to compliment rather than conflict with their normal business processes.

What is the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database with special properties including total transparency into how people interface with it, and increased security against many common types of cyber-attacks. The blockchain allows tens of thousands of independent servers around the world to collectively verify that rules governing the interaction with user data are enforced at all times. Because of this collective verification, no single malicious actor can unilaterally alter the data or change the rules regulating a given blockchain-based good or service even if they wanted to.

The blockchain provides a platform for web applications to deploy and operate securely, without the reliance on a single trusted third party to manage data and enforce the rules governing that data.

What if I don't have internetor phone service?

You can still use the app to enter in all of your information which will be saved until you’re connected to the internet or have cell service.

What if I don't own a computer?Can I still use Trace?

Yes! If you would like to declare your lots on Trace, but don’t own a smartphone or a computer, contact us at or 802-495-8905.

What if I'm an Andriod user?Can I still use Trace?

Trace is currently designed for iOS, but you can sign up on our website and we will contact you before the Android release.

Why should I use Trace?

It’s simple. Prove and receive the maximum value for your crop by standardizing and verifying your crop/product information.

No more need to take phone calls from random Facebook brokers, to text pictures, or ask your lab for different versions of COAs. You list your lot information, we connect you with a verified lab, your results come standardized, and then you choose what crop information you want to list publicly, or share privately.

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Trace provides tools designed to help everyone participating in the hemp market protect and differentiate their business.