Who is Trace?

What can we do for you?

Who is Trace?

What problem are we solving?

Trace is a decentralized team of cannabis enthusiasts aiming to help you take control by establishing trust in your brand. We believe trust is power, afterall.

Informed by industry experts and reactive to the ebbs and flows of a maturing ecosystem, our approach to soil-to-sale tracking illuminates the untapped potential of cannabis operations.

We design custom-fit software solutions to track and trace the full product life cycle of hemp, medical, and recreational supply chains. We work with a variety of partner types, emphasizing the scale and flexibility of our team and designs.

I am a commercial enterprise.

What can Trace do for me?

Trace works with farms, manufacturers, distributors, labs, and all combinations of the above.

A dedicated team at Trace designs custom solutions in consultation with you to fit the unique needs of your operations and priorities.

We track individual product states, chains of custody, and each product verification along the way through digital IDs and unit-level serialization. We deliver real time scan data back to you for invaluable transparency and insights.

I am a government program.

What can Trace do for me?

Trace provides secure and user friendly software to administrators of statewide agriculture programs.

Our core solutions prop up management of permit registration, recordkeeping, and track and trace. Our design philosophy centers on the ability to adapt our features to your program’s idiosyncrasies.

I am a university research program.

What can Trace do for me?

Trace provides a streamlined solution to lot-based track and trace to collect and store lot data as the plant moves through growing, harvesting, processing, and testing states.

This product is blockchain-based with standardized inputs as well as mobile and offline capabilities.

What is the Blockchain?

When is it relevant to cannabis?

Blockchain is a distributed database technology that is commonly associated with the trading of cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain provides a platform for web applications to deploy and operate securely without the reliance on a single trusted third party to manage data and enforce the rules governing that data.

The use of blockchain allows for data, or transactions, to be digitally stamped in ink onto a public record for community- based third- party validation and storage all while protecting your identity and information.

In the cannabis industry, a blockchain database securely records and stores your product information. Want to protect yourself from fraudulent CoAs? Want immediate access to product verification and compliance records? Could your insurance rates benefit from immutable supply chain evidence? Let’s talk.

What if I don’t have internet

or data access in the field?

Trace offers offline capabilities to temporarily store new data on your device until you’re reconnected to the internet.

I am an existing Trace client and

am experiencing a software- related issue.

Who do I contact for customer support?

Email info@tracevt.com with your company, role, and description of your experience.

Please include a screenshot, and description of your issue, if possible.