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Blockchain software designed to illuminate the hemp supply chain.

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Trace Your Products

The Trace Product Portal lets you organize and visualize your hemp lots in one single place, providing a top-level view of your entire organization. You can also create Trace Verified QR codes that bring customers to secure product profile pages, making your products stand out on the shelves.


Trace Your Supply

The Trace Tracking App offers unparalleled visibility and accountability into the lifecycle of your hemp. By storing all essential information on an immutable blockchain, your customers can trust the quality of your product.

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Trace Exchange

  • E-commerce storefront for high quality hemp products
  • List finished or bulk products for sale
  • Make your products available to wholesale and retail purchasers nationwide
  • Gain insight into your supply, amount sold, and price points
Trace Your Supply & Products

Trace Tracking App & Trace Product Portal

Access to Trace Exchange
  • Mobile application for portability and ease-of-use (iOS-compatible only at this time)
  • Organization, lot, and sub-lot supply chain management
  • Immutable tracking of cultivation, harvesting, and extraction data digitally secured on Ethereum blockchain
  • Quickly connect with processors and extractors. Testing services coming soon.
  • Create detailed product profiles with CoAs directly attached
  • Generate Trace QR codes that are unique to each lot and printable for product packaging
  • All subscribers receive complementary feature updates and account support

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Trace provides tools designed to help everyone participating in the hemp market protect and differentiate their business.